About Rachel


I have nearly 15 years experience in the travel/tourism, hospitality and consumer lifestyle industries. I’ve worked for amazing organizations in the PR agency, non-profit and corporate realms. Want to know more about my work experience and accolades? Check out my LinkedIn profile!

Some fun facts:

  • I’m a new mom to a baby girl.

  • I love dogs, cats and mostly all furry critters.

  • I keep lint rollers stashed everywhere because my two Great Pyrenees (a.k.a. Domestic Polar Bears - River and Belle) shed, a lot.

  • I’m also a Yoga instructor.

  • I love love love to travel and I’m up to 25 countries.

  • The beach is my home away from home (and I vacation regularly in South Walton, my favorite place on earth).

  • I love to try new things – even when the “new things” don’t work, it’s an opportunity to learn, adjust and try again!

  • I’m a life-long student and knowledge-seeker; I’m always trying to stay on top of trends in this rapidly changing industry.

  • I’m also an expert googler and love to teach myself new skills.

  • I’m a multitasking, time-blocking, time-batching fanatic.

  • I’m a huge budget nerd; I have a weird love of spreadsheets.

  • My current obsession: My new baby girl!